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Example of use of XplorMed

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The next step, bring us a new list of words ranked by their level of association to others (see Figure 8a). New words related with this narrower subjet appear in the list.

Figure 8a. Words ranked by their association score.
Figure 8a. Words ranked by their association score. This is the first step of a second iteration. This means that the computation of words relations (and further analysis) are currently donbe on a set of abstracts that is a selection of the initial set that was submitted.

We go ahead with the computation of chain of words and we selected 'protein, app'. The top article in the list, 7913895 appeared with the neighbor expansion, it was not present in the previous selection. It adds some extra information about other binding sites in APP, collagen, laminin, zinc, copper. Suppose that we are more interested about the zinc. (see Figure 8b).

Figure 8b. Abstracts speaking about protein and APP
Figure 8b. Ranking of abstracts. Several new references were added by means of the neighbor expansion.

Going ahead and typing this time 'zinc' in the selection window, only three papers are selected. (see Figure 8c).

Figure 8c. Papers related to the interaction with zinc.
Figure 8c With a quick scanning we discover that heparin binding is zinc modulated.

We can go further, looking to the neighbors, exploring other terms. It seems that heparin modify the interactions of APP to many substrates.

We finish here with this example. You can reproduce it by running in the XplorMed server the file that we used as input for this example. However, why not just trying your favourite search in PubMed?